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ME FIRST: A Journey of Self-Love


What exactly is "ME FIRST? 

ME FIRST is a 6-week program curated specifically for women who want to feel connected to their bodies- their sensual & sexual beings without guilt or shame. MF at it's core is a catalyst to jumpstart your journey or either a modality to help guide you along your current journey of sensuality, self-discovery, self-forgiveness, self-acceptance & self-love. This program will reconnect you back to your  mind, body & soul - through which you will begin to heal & reclaim your feminine energy- your power, in a safe & sacred space with other supportive & like-minded women. 

Through gentle, mindful & soulful exploration we  will  utilize  embodiment  tools such as: guided meditations, affirmations, pleasure rituals, breathwork, sensual healing journaling & movement prompts along with coaching to help you to release, reconnect & receive. 

By the end of the 6-week program, you will have changed the way you think & feel about yourself, increased body awareness, built confidence, take up space, reclaimed your sensuality & honor and celebrate your healing journey.

How do I know if this series is for me?

Want to feel more connected to your body? Feel & be more sensual? More sexual? ME FIRST is for you.

Tired of shying away from your desires? Sick of feeling self-doubt & self-conscious? Want to build confidence?  ME FIRST is for you.

Are your ready to work through pain, stress and energy blocks? Sis, ME FIRST is for you!

Come learn how to harness your divine energies as a source of healing & power.

When & where are the classes?

Zoom sessions will be held Monday evenings at 8 pm est. Links will be sent out to the email you used to register. Invitations will be sent for any in-person gatherings.

We will also utilize a private group for daily affirmations, updates and discussions. You are invited & encouraged to participate in the chat for group discussion & healing as a collective.

How should I prepare for each session? What should I wear?

You have the permission & space to SHOW UP JUST AS YOU ARE!

- choose a quiet & peaceful space ( feel free to set the mood with candles/oils/candles)

- water, tea, wine

-yoga mat/body pillow

- wear whatever makes you feel comfortable (preferably something that allows movement)

-pen & journal

Enrollment is now open for October.

 Email info@dvinesensualhealing.com to REGISTER or if you have any questions/concerns